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Decentralized Identity Management Using Blockchain: Cube Framework for Secure Usage of IS Resources

  • By Ashish Singla
    EFPM Scholar
    Prof. Nakul Gupta, Associate Professor, IM Area, MDI Gurgaon
    Prof. Prageet Aeron, Assistant Professor, IM Area, MDI Gurgaon
    Prof. Anshul Jain, Associate Professor, IM Area, MDI Gurgaon
    Prof. Divya Sharma, Assistant Professor, IM Area, MDI Gurgaon
    Prof. Sangeeta Shah Bharadwaj, Professor, IM Area, MDI Gurgaon
    Journal : Journal of Global Information Management
    Publisher : IGI Global

This article explores the usage of decentralised identity (DID) management using blockchain in global organisations to support secure usage of information resources. Blockchain as technology was initially introduced as a cryptocurrency and there have been challenges in its adoption for enterprise applications such as identity management. DID is emerging as one of the strong blockchain adoption use cases. Industry pioneers and users across domains have started exploring DID use cases, which help better protect their personal data and application access control as compared to traditional, central, or federated identity management models. In this exploratory work, the authors employ qualitative secondary case-based study research methodology to understand the challenges of the current digital identity management landscape and explore the possible benefits of DID as an emerging identity management paradigm. They propose a conceptual cube framework for analysing and studying various DID platforms thereby contributing to both the theory and practice of digitally secure identity.