Activity Clubs


Sanskriti is the Cultural Committee of MDI Gurgaon and it is responsible for conducting a number of festivals and Student events on campus. As a club, it is a house to all the artists on campus, providing them with facilities to practice and perform, or else, just to have fun. Sanskriti's vision is simple, to gift you with memories and experiences, that you will carry with you years after, even when you have forgotten every lecture you may have attended.

Structure of the Committee

Sanskriti comprises of the following Verticals

SanskritiThe Core Team - Jugadoos: These are the people who can be seen running around all day to arrange for various events or to get hold of some sponsors. A few may be seen here and there pondering over designs for posters and graffiti. In short, these are the facilitators, for everything that Sanskriti does.

SanskritiThe Music Team - Mandolins: The rockstars on campus, stay hidden amidst the crowd in the day, attending lectures and doing assignments but comes out in the open at night in their very own Jamming room in Change Masters basement.

SanskritiThe Dance Team - Sole to Soul: The high spirited ones, with a spring in their toes. Often seen rehearsing in front of the mirrors in their practice area, adjacent to the Mandolins jam room.

SanskritiThe Nukkad Team - Mukhautey: Talented bunch of people, who have mesmerised people within MDI and outside, with their amazing performances.

The Fashion Team - Verve: Need I say more?

The Videography and Short Film Making Team: The newest kid on the block, a dedicated team of video making and editing experts who assist Mukhautey in short film making, and all other verticals with their videography needs.

Festivals and Events

Rangmanch: It is an ice breaker party organized entirely by the first years for their Seniors.

Imperium: Sanskriti conducts a number of competitions during Imperium, the flagship event of MDI Gurgaon, such a War of Bands, Solo & Duet Singing, Instrumentals, Solo, Duet & Group Dance, Street Dancing, Stage Play, Nukkad, Stand up Comedy, Treasure Hunt, 60 seconds to fame, Fashion Show, T shirt painting, Face painting, Poster making.

Soul Kitchen: Open air jamming sessions often acting as stress busters pre or post exams

Aarohan:Sanskritiassociates itself with Aarohan, the flagship event of the Samaritans - the Social Awareness Club of MDI, by arranging music, dance and drama workshops.

Directors' Dinner Post Induction and Pre Farewell: Sanskriti arranges cultural nights on the occasions of Director's Dinner for the Incoming batch and the outgoing batch.

Festivals Celebrated by Sanskriti include - Holi, Independance Day, Onam, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dandiya Night, Halloween, Diwali, Christmas, Republic Day, Makar Sankranti, Pongal.

Sports Committee

Sports Committee at MDI works with the vision to imbibe healthy & competitive sporting spirit in the students of MDI amidst the intensive academic rigour. It takes the onus of organizing sporting activities & ensures a student and faculty community, which are healthy & mentally and physically fit. Some of the best memorable moments at MDI are captured in the various sporting events. It conducts sporting extravaganzas mainly in the fields of Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Table tennis, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Carrom, Chess, Snooker/Pool & Athletics. The Sports Committee at MDI along with Sanskriti conducts “AKSHAYAM”, a Sports-cum-Cultural Fest each year at MDI with participation from all Top Indian B-schools.
The other major sporting activities at MDI are King of Kings, War of Worlds, RanBhoomi (Night Cricket Tournament), Corporate Futsal: "The Cup Of Life" with many other events every month to keep the spirit of sports alive & active at MDI.

Hostel and Mess Committee

The Hostel and Mess committee (HnM) is responsible for the smooth functioning of the hostel and mess facilities at MDI Gurgaon. It is a committee that touches the lives of Mandevians the most, and functions relentlessly 24x7 for the entire year.

Acting as liaisons between the administration, the caterers, the hostel authorities on one side and the students on the other, the HnM committee members facilitate the addressing of issues that the students have and communicate the same to the concerned authorities. They ensure that the administration’s concerns are communicated to the students and act for the benefit of all stakeholders involved. They take numerous initiatives for the betterment of lives of the students and implement the same by bringing the authorities in confidence.

One of the major tasks of the committee includes preparing the Menu for each month. They need to ensure that the needs of the whole batch are addressed, their cuisine preferences are satiated, and they negotiate with the Mess authorities keeping these constraints in mind. Further, the committee keeps a check on the daily issues regarding the hostel infrastructure, the housekeeping issues, etc. Another important task the HnM committee does is to help the hostel administration with allocation of rooms for the junior and senior batches. The committee members ensure that a fair and smooth process is adopted for the room allocations.

Apart from this, the HnM committee caters to the generic issues related to campus. The work done by HnM committee touches the lives of Mandevians every single day, thus making it one of the indispensible committees at MDI Gurgaon.