Open Management Development Programmes (MDPs)

MDI has been a leader in providing working executives with learning opportunities through its wide range of Open MDPs. The Open MDPs are programmes offered to Executives of different companies, both public and private. The programmes are carefully designed on topical themes to create value for participants from diverse backgrounds.


December 07| 3 Days

Managing Competence At Work For High Performance

The programme will help leaders and managers to manage and develop competence at work, and to deliver the organisational

January 09| 3 Days

Operational And Organizational Excellence

Operational Excellence is a philosophy of leadership, teamwork and problem solving.

January 13| 3 Days

Effective Communication For Engaging Teams For Improved Productivity

Increased engagement bolsters learning potential of teams and hence helps in unleashing creativity and innovation.

January 16| 3 Days

Developing Women Leaders: A Communication Perspective

In the programme, developing women leaders will get formal training and understand communication as a network of various

January 23| 3 Days

Digital Marketing

Marketing all over the world is getting dependent on digital technology.

January 23| 3 Days

Leadership For Impact

Leadership is a key differentiator in a competitive business environment.

February 13| 3 Days

Effective Communication For Managers And Leaders

The programme would help managers and leaders acquire communication skills for building and enhancing competencies that

February 15| 3 Days

Young Leadership Programme For Managers

The programme is designed to help young professionals understand fundamental principles and practices of leadership.

March 01| 3 Days

Developing People At Workplace: Catalyst For Change

The programme aims to develop competencies in participants to develop people at workplace, who can be a catalyst for cha

March 06| 3 Days

Logistics And Inventory Management

Companies today are faced with considerably more design complexity in their supply chain.

March 15| 3 Days

Managing Difficult Negotiations

Participants shall be able to hone behavioural and communication skills for effective negotiation.

March 20| 3 Days

Managerial Effectiveness

To become an effective leader and manager, one needs to understand the real-life workplace realities.