Open Management Development Programmes (MDPs)

MDI has been a leader in providing working executives with learning opportunities through its wide range of Open MDPs. The Open MDPs are programmes offered to Executives of different companies, both public and private. The programmes are carefully designed on topical themes to create value for participants from diverse backgrounds.


July 05| 3 Days

Conflict Management And Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is an important aspect of a manager’s daily life.

September 11| 3 Days

The Art Of Successful Leadership

Successful manager needs knowledge of all factors that he has to manage and all that is beyond.

September 11| 3 Days

Advances In Forensic Analytics

Over the years, the world has witnessed numerous corporate scandals and white-collar crime by people at the top.

September 11| 3 days

Communication Styles For Professional Success

Rapid advances in the business domain have altered even the most immovable foundations of the corporate world.

September 13| 3 Days

Six Sigma For Quality Improvement

Six Sigma is a tool that significantly improves customer satisfaction and shareholder value by reducing waste.

September 20| 3 Days

Team Building For High Performance

To become an effective leader and manager, one needs to understand and assess the real life workplace realities.

September 27| 3 Days

Drafting, Negotiating And Managing Commercial Contracts

Pitfalls in contract drafting, negotiations or management in-turn lead to contractual disputes and legal battles.

September 28| 3 Days

Validating Strategy Like A Military General

This program focuses on a game changing approach to strategy and planning that will keep businesses ahead of competitors

October 03| 4 days

Conducting Fair And Proper Domestic Enquiry

Employer should be mindful of the fact that domestic enquiry can be challenged in the court of law.

October 04| 3 Days

Driving Business Towards Sustainability

This course for corporate professionals is designed to bridge the management gaps.

October 09| 3 days

Digital Marketing

Marketing is getting dependent on digital technology for reaching market segments, conducting market research.

October 16| 4 weeks

Advanced Management Programme (AMP)–2023

AMP 2023 aims at creating an enabling environment for reflective observation, abstract conceptualization application

October 29| 4 Months

4 Month Certificate Program On Risk Management And Product Pricing (Actuarial Perspective)

In today’s business environment, companies need to become more resilient to deal with rising uncertainties .

November 08| 3 Days

Leadership For Impact

Leadership is a key differentiator in a competitive business environment.

November 08| 3 days

Digital Marketing

Marketing is getting dependent on digital technology for reaching market segments, conducting market research.

November 20| Two Weeks

Labour Laws For HR Professionals (Comprehensive Module)

The primary aim of this program is to enhance the knowledge of HR and IR professionals in the labour laws.

November 20| 3 Days

Problem Solving And Decision Making

Problem solving and decision-making are important skills for business and life.

November 20| 3 Days

Transforming Organizations Through Proactive People Management Strategies

A facilitative culture that is oriented to customer demands; employee needs; and sustainable business growth is the need

November 22| 3 Days

Machine Learning For Managers

Data is the new oil, and the Internet is the new tap.

November 22| 3 days

Customer Engagement And Digital Marketing Communications

In today’s digital space customers are more connected, more informed, and more empowered to engage-on their terms.

November 27| 5 days

Project Management

Project Management has emerged as the new competence in short supply across all Industry sectors / verticals.

November 29| 3 Days

Environmental Social And Governance (ESG)

The proposed MDP is to empower professionals with skills to reset business targets and strategies.

December 04| 3 Days

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management demands a unique blend of forecasting, inventory management & performance measurement system.

December 06| 3 Days

Managing Competence At Work For High Performance

People can be the greatest source of strength as well as stress at work.

December 13| 3 Days

Strategic Financial Analysis For Value-Enhancing Decisions

Managing a business is all about taking decisions – operational as well as strategic.

December 18| 3 Days

Leading With Emotional Intelligence For Stress Management

Purpose is to develop awareness and competencies about the concept of emotional intelligence in the leaders and managers

December 18| 5 days

Finance For Non-Finance Executives

Finance cuts across levels and businesses and has unifying influence.

December 18| 3 Days

Mastering Managerial Communication Competencies

To enhance knowledge, skill and attitude related to human communication.

January 10| 3 Days

Developing Women Leaders: A Communication Perspective

Communication competence is primal for women in power to widen their circle of affect and be successful leaders.

January 17| 3 Days

Developing Leadership Competencies

To become an effective leader, one needs to understand the workplace realities.

January 17| 3 Days

Customer Centric Marketing: Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty And Relationship

Marketing is essential for growth of any business.

January 22| 3 Days

Operational And Organizational Excellence

This programme aims at building competencies of problem solving and decision-making skills for business and life.

January 23| 4 days

Labour Laws For HR Professionals (Advance Module)

The primary aim of this program is to enhance the knowledge of HR and IR professionals in the labour laws.

February 07| 3 Days

New-age Technologies For Customer Marketing

Learn about AI-powered applications that can enhance the customer journey and extend the customer lifecycle.

February 12| 3 Days

Effective Communication For Managers And Leaders

With the advent of new technologies, the world is no longer constrained by borders.

February 14| 3 Days

Young Leadership Program For Managers

This program is designed to help young professionals understand fundamental principles and practices of leadership.

February 19| 3 Days

Managerial Effectiveness

The main objectives of this program would be to understand and develop the hidden potential of manager.

March 06| 3 Days

Developing People At Workplace: Catalyst For Change

The program aims to develop competencies to develop people at the workplace, who can be a catalyst for change.

March 18| 3 Days

Fraud Risk Management & Governance

If there is no fraud risk management strategy in place, fraud has the potential to grow like a virus.