Students at MDI do not believe in just excelling in the classroom. The emphasis is on holistic learning both within and outside the classroom. No wonder, extra-curricular activities are pursued with a lot of enthusiasm and gusto.

For an all-round development of the students, a wide gamut of clubs have been set up under the purview of the Students Council. These include Monetrix for financial freaks, Marquity for Marketing gurus in the making, ThinC for the IT savvy, Opsession for the Operations enthusiasts, HR Direction for professors in the making and Strategist for those interested in strategy. MDI also hosts Imperium, its annual inter B-school management fest, Illumina the marketing mela & Delphique, the management convention through which students undertake activities to give back to society and to organize cultural events. Others clubs include Samaritans & Sanskriti. Each club and activity functions as a platform for students to pursue a broad spectrum of interests and enables them to excel at whatever they pursue.