The Academic Council at MDI

Constitution of the Academic Council

Chairperson: Director, MDI Gurgaon
Convener: Dean - Graduate Programmes



  • Deans in charge of academics, research, student affairs and such other functions of the Institute
  • Chairs/ Leads of academic Area Programmes, Heads or Coordinators of Schools or Centres of the Institute
  • All full-time faculty at the level of Professors and Senior Professors
  • Two faculty members at the level of Associate Professor:
  1. Prof. Joydip Mitra
  2. Prof. Neelu S Bhullar
  • Two faculty members at the level of Assistant Professor:
  1. Prof. Soumendu Biswas
  2. Prof. Shalini Kalra Sahi


  • Mr. Gautam Gode, Co-founding and Managing Director, Samara Capital, Samara India Advisors Pvt. Ltd.