The Economics and Finance Club of MDI Gurgaon, aims to promote a thriving culture of finance in the college. It pushes the finance enthusiasts of MDI to achieve excellence in the field of finance and economics and ensure the best learning experience. The club also endeavors to cater to students who aren’t finance enthusiasts but take an interest in learning about personal finance and want to be able to manage their investments and finances effectively post completion of their degree once they enter the corporate world.

The online student community is kept engaged through Monetrix’s Instagram and LinkedIn pages. Our members track various aspects of the world economy and industry sectors. In addition, they lead functional verticals which ensure the transfer of knowledge to the student community at large.

The club undertook the following activities, initiatives and events in the year 2022-23:

Compendium: This was a document shared with the batch which consisted of an in depth overview of all the finance basics along with detailed definitions backed by examples. The primary purpose of this document was to equip the students to prepare well for placement processes of companies offering finance related roles.

Articles & Instagram Posts: Our club members wrote detailed articles covering recent developments in the world of finance along with their short and long term implications. All the articles were shared along with accompanying instagram posts which explained the same thing in short. The club posted 2-3 articles per week and shared them all with the batch in the form of a weekly newsletter.

Sector Cheat Sheets: The club designs various sector cheat sheets to aid the students being updated with a sector’s current trends and recent developments.

Tresvista Case Competition: The club conducted a finance case study competition in association with Tresvista. The winners had the chance to interview for finance roles at Tresvista and also win exciting prizes.

Finance Quizzes:  The club conducted multiple quizzes related to finance and economics both in online and offline modes. These quizzes helped the club engage with the students in a better way and witnessed earnest participation from the batch.

FinConclave 6.0: FinConclave is the annual flagship event of Monetrix. This year we organized the 6th edition of FinConclave which was a confluence of the following events:

  •  Panel Discussion on “The impact of Global Financial Crisis on Indian Equities Market” featuring Mr. Gautam Baid(Fund Manager at Stellar Wealth Partners) and Mr. Rohit Suri(Executive Director at Avendus Wealth Partners).
  • Keynote Speech by Dr. Gaurav Kulshreshtha, SVP & Head of Investments at Citibank
  • Corporate Takeover – A mergers and acquisition competition
  • Trajectory – Finance case competition
  • Bazaar – Mock stock market competition

The students learned extensively from our panel discussion and keynote speech about the Indian stock markets. The guest speakers were tremendously impressed with MDI’s students and expressed interest in future collaborations and engagements.

The competitions Trajectory and Corporate Takeover saw a large number of high quality submissions, many of which were from MDI. The experience of participating in both these competitions was a great way for students to learn and apply their business and finance knowledge practically. Finally, our competition Bazaar – the mock stock competition saw earnest participation from the batch and the enthusiasm of the participants was evident to us during the event.

Secretary: Rohan Bansal