Opsession, the Operations and Supply Chain Management club at MDI Gurgaon, is a student-run organization that aims to connect students interested in Operations Management, supply chain, or logistics and introduce others to the field. The club serves as a conduit to career opportunities within the industry and leverages relationships with sponsoring organizations, alumni, and the MDI community to facilitate relationship building and technical development tailored to the needs of students.

Through a variety of activities throughout the year, Opsession aims to bridge the gap between classroom teaching and practical application by facilitating learning through competitions, quizzes, case studies, conclaves, live projects, and online journals. The club contributes to students' knowledge repositories through newsletters, annual magazines, flagship events, and industry exposure, cultivating and growing a strong pipeline of qualified students interested in Operations Management.

Opsession kicked off the year by hosting the “Operations Trilogy 2023”, an annual flagship event encompassing three events from the world of Operations and Supply Chain. Opsession, in collaboration with our esteemed sponsor Henry Harvin, proudly presented the OPERATIONS TRILOGY 2023. This mini-festival was designed to showcase the talent and expertise of students in the field of Operations and Supply Chain Management, featuring an exciting lineup of virtual events.

Opniscient 2023 marked the commencement of the OPERATIONS TRILOGY 2023, spearheaded by Opsession - The Operations and Supply Chain Management Club of Management Development Institute Gurgaon, in partnership with Henry Harvin. This event aimed to evaluate the expertise and problem-solving acumen of MBA students in Operations and Supply Chain Management through a series of rigorous challenges.

Our second event in the Operations Trilogy was “OpsTalks 2023” - The Operations Management Conclave. In this we invited MBA students to participate in a unique opportunity to become panel members at the "Student Panel Discussion - OpsTalks 2023." In this event, distinguished students from top B-Schools across India convened to discuss the latest trends in Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Our 3rd event in Operations Trilogy 2023, “Opstakes Magazine Launch” marked a significant milestone for Opsession Team as they unveiled their annual operations and supply chain management magazine. This eagerly anticipated publication serves as a comprehensive resource showcasing insights, analyses, and innovations in the field of Operations and Supply Chain Management. Created by the diligent efforts of the Opsession Team, the magazine offers valuable perspectives from industry experts, academia, and practitioners.

Overall, Operations Trilogy event garnered impressive participation with representation from over 40 institutions. Notable speakers, including Ritesh Andre, Spokesperson of Mumbai Dabbawala, and Kounal Gupta, Founder & CEO of Henry Harvin Education, graced the occasion, adding valuable insights to the discourse. The footfall from both within and outside MDI community surpassed expectations, with over 100 attendees from MDI and 600+ attendees from other institutions. This impressive turnout reflects the event's impact and highlights its success in fostering knowledge exchange and networking opportunities among students and industry experts.

Finally, Opsession organized OpsHunt 2024 - Treasure Hunt Competition based on Operations and Supply Chain (unstop- during Imperium). OpsHunt is our annual treasure hunt competition which included an online quiz round, followed by a treasure hunt event wherein the selected students had to solve a crossword whose clues were spread across the campus.

Secretary: Manikant Sharma