With the Closed Neck Formals getting too tight around the neck, the chaos of a B-school getting too unpredictable, or maybe the joy of starting a new journey getting too overwhelming- sometimes you may need a catharsis. We highly encourage you to do so. In fact, pen it down and share it with us!

Vagmi, not just the Literary Society of MDI, is a platform for students to express their thoughts. In a B-School, we are an oasis full of books, poetry and ideas. We discuss, debate and discourse. We write, orate and persuade. We have no loyalty to a medium, students can express themselves in whatever medium they choose!

Our activities include but are not limited to pop-culture events, movie nights, lit-theme competitions, open-mic, book exchanges and more!

Vagmi is about ideas and thoughts, and we are about the words which are on your tongue, on your paper, and most importantly, in your mind.

Co-ordinator: Nyxa Kataria